Buoy uses Glossi to modernize their e-commerce presence

Fun, young hydration company efficient way to produce 3D renders without sacrificing style.
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Buoy, a notable hydration product brand with a distinctive style, encountered a significant challenge: efficiently creating engaging digital content across their e-commerce presence. As the brand entered a new growth phase with the launch of six new products, traditional content creation methods could not keep pace with the rapid product development. Manual photography, physical prototype creation, and extensive post-editing were already demanding tasks. Coordinating these efforts with external agencies and freelancers added another layer of complexity.

Buoy aimed to align with leading e-commerce brands—such as RitualJoggy, and Recess—by integrating diverse 3D content that mirrored its vibrant brand identity.

The challenge? Finding an efficient way to produce such content without sacrificing style or brand consistency. Enter Glossi.

Buoy’s Content Challenge

Creating digital assets for Buoy’s e-commerce experience was a protracted process, involving significant time, managing a rotating roster of freelancers, and considerable costs. This often resulted in an online presence that seemed perpetually on the brink of completion but never fully realized. Buoy sought a process that could capture its brand's energy and independence without the incessant wait for assets.

Claire, Buoy's Head of Growth, remarked, "Discovering Glossi opened up a new perspective on content creation for us, offering the speed and adaptability we hadn't experienced before."

Implementing Glossi.io

The introduction of Glossi.io into Buoy’s workflow marked a departure from these content creation challenges. During an enlightening session, Buoy’s CMO, Head of Growth, and Lead Designer, Lindsey, were introduced to the capabilities of Glossi.io. The promise of 'ready when you need it' asset generation was immediately compelling.

Lindsey, bolstered by the newfound creative freedom, shared, "For the first time, I felt the freedom to experiment with 3D assets without being bogged down by complexity. Glossi made it intuitive." By the session's end, Buoy had already exported a suite of assets, from captivating animations to essential product detail page (PDP) visuals—all within a browser.

Benefits for Buoy

  • Rapid Production: Content production time was drastically reduced, enabling Buoy to create site-ready assets in minutes.

  • Cost Efficiency: Transitioning to Glossi decreased the costs associated with product-driven content creation, freeing up resources to enhance the advertising budget and reach.

  • Enhanced Content Diversity: Glossi facilitated the production of a broader variety of digital assets, improving and modernizing Buoy’s online storefront.

  • Fostering Collaboration: The ease of use with Glossi encouraged teamwork across departments, empowering graphic designers with capabilities once reserved for costly agencies.


Adopting Glossi allowed Buoy to elevate its e-commerce platform with high-quality, consistent visual content that resonates with its target audience and solidify its presence as a forward-thinking brand. The ability to produce diverse content types, including videos and images with transparent backgrounds, enriched Buoy’s marketing campaigns and supported its influencer-led strategy.


Buoy’s transition to Glossi for content creation represents a practical evolution towards efficiency and style consistency. By leveraging Glossi, Buoy not only streamlined its content production process but also reinforced its position as a style-conscious brand in the competitive e-commerce landscape—underscored by the principle that style is substance.

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?

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Create an account and start start creating today. Or, contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Create an account and start start creating today. Or, contact us to design a custom package for your business.

Create an account and start start creating today. Or, contact us to design a custom package for your business.