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Glossi, a startup leading the way in real-time 3D cinematic content creation in the cloud, took the spotlight during NVIDIA's keynote speech at SIGGRAPH. The presentation highlighted Glossi's innovative technology, enabling the creation of studio-quality videos and photos in minutes. By tapping into NVIDIA's RTX chips and the Universal Scene Description (USD) — an open standard championed by Apple, Pixar, Adobe, and NVIDIA — Glossi served as a prime example of showcasing the technology's expanding potential.

"We set out to make 3D accessible to everyone, and after years of development, it's incredible to witness the enthusiastic response," said the team at Glossi, inspired by their Hollywood roots. "Our collaboration with NVIDIA has enabled us to bring our vision to life, providing visual experiences that were previously unattainable."

Glossi's approach replaces complex, isolated tools weighed down by technical details with an intuitive point-and-click experience that anyone can access through their browser. Highlighting the event were Glossi's ultra-simple cinematic camera controls, real-time lighting adjustments, and backdrop customizations. 

"3D - and real-time -  is the future's creative language. We make it intuitive and accessible," Glossi stated. By integrating innovative accelerated editing tools and creative expertise, Glossi is striving to achieve this vision.

Glossi's breathtaking visuals were perfect compliment of NVIDIA's goal of advancing real-time rendering capabilities. NVIDIA's keynote unveiled its latest technological breakthroughs, featuring Glossi as a prominent example of innovation. By leveraging NVIDIA's technology, Glossi is reimagining creative tools and redefining the creative process.

Join the Movement: Early Access to Glossi

Glossi has recently launched an early access program, inviting select users to shape the platform's growth. This program aims to make digital creativity more accessible, empowering creators to craft stunning 3D product videos.

To join, sign up for early access here. "It only gets better from here," Glossi assured. "We're thrilled to have creators with us as we transform 3D content creation for products and brands." Interested parties can book a demo with Glossiand discover the possibilities of Glossi's Early Access preview.