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Export USD to Glossi with Keyshot

Creating photorealistic content in Glossi starts with a high-quality 3D model. If you're using KeyShot, this guide will walk you through exporting your model as a USD file, optimized for use in Glossi. We aim for a perfect balance between stunning visual fidelity and manageable file sizes, ideally below 80MB.

  • KeyShot Version: Ensure you have KeyShot version 10.1 or higher. For the best experience and access to the latest USD features, we recommend using the latest version of KeyShot.

USDz Export Overview

KeyShot simplifies the USDz export process by baking materials and textures into a single PNG texture file. This method combines various material properties into one compact file, streamlining the export for Glossi.

Exporting Your Model

  1. Navigate to File > Export > USD.

  2. Name your file and select a save location.

Export Options

  • Size: Define the scale of your geometry if scene units are not set.

  • Texture Resolution: Adjust DPI according to your model's scale. Higher DPI values improve texture detail but increase file size.

  • Include Ambient Occlusion: Enables ambient occlusion in the texture bake for enhanced depth and realism.

  • Number of Samples: Controls the precision of the texture bake. Avoid low values to prevent noise; higher values improve quality but extend export time.

  • Geometry Nodes or Textures Preference: Due to format limitations, prioritize between geometry nodes (like bubbles or displacement) and textures on parts with both.

Recommended Settings:

To ensure your model looks great and performs well in Glossi, consider the following settings:

Texture Nodes Preference
  • Prefer Texture Nodes

  • DPI (Dots Per Inch): Set between 200-1200 DPI. Higher DPI values increase the texture resolution, enhancing detail at the cost of larger file sizes.

  • Samples: Choose between 16-64 samples. This affects the texture bake quality; more samples mean higher quality but longer export times.

Once exported, your USD file is ready to be uploaded to Glossi. Ensure the final file size is below 80mb and adjust your settings if necessary to meet the size requirements.

Need More Help?

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions about optimizing your KeyShot exports for Glossi, our support team is here to assist. Don't hesitate to reach out for personalized advice and troubleshooting tips.