Flo by Moen cuts marketing costs by over 70% with Glossi

Flo accelerates new product launch with Glossi content process from prototype to sale

Aug 21, 2022

Flo (a fast-growing consumer technology company now part of Moen) leveraged the Glossi platform in its product commercialization process. Operating in the relatively new smart home water safety category, Flo needed to educate prospective customers about the benefits of its products and justify the investment required by homeowners.

Glossi's leading turnaround time for creative content also benefited Flo's commercialization process by "delivering within 10 days of engaging with Glossi, compared to approximately 30 days using the traditional approach" according to Josh. "In the future, we plan to utilize the Glossi platform earlier in our product development process to test new product concepts and gather consumer insights, which will drive significant efficiencies."

"As Flo continues its rapid product development cycle, Glossi pushed past traditional product visualization and streamlined the product commercial creation for Flo's go-to-market process. We've been able to cut design and production costs by over 70%, in addition to saving our marketing team a significant amount of time." - Josh Marehbian, Flo's VP of Strategy and Finance"

The partnership with Flo is a prime example of a cost-conscious startup leveraging Glossi's novel tools to drive marketing efforts that would otherwise be out of reach.

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